How to Redirect Customers to Wishlist Member Registration Form after WooCommerce Checkout

How to Redirect Customers to a Wishlist Registration Form after the Payment when Using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus

When using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus to integrate Wishlist Member with WooCommerce, the payment process is managed by the WooCommerce platform.

Therefore, the purchase flow via WooCommerce is just the same as the regular Woo payment flow when NOT using the integration plugin (Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus).

This is the purchase flow when selling via WooCommerce:

  1. Adding products to cart and going to the checkout page
  2. Typing the payment form details and completing the payment
  3. Redirected to the purchase receipt

Many of our customers have been asking us how they can redirect their Woo customers to a Wishlist Member registration form to create a Wishlist account after they complete the payment process in the payment gateway so the flow would be like this:

  1. Adding products to cart and going to the checkout page
  2. Typing the payment form details and completing the payment
  3. Redirection to the Wishlist Member registration form to create a Wishlist account
  4. Redirection to the purchase receipt

The main reason is that they want to add more fields to the registration form to gather more information about their members.

The problems when redirecting to a Wishlist Member registration form:

The point of integrating Wishlist Member and WooCommerce (or with any other online store) is to allow customers to purchase multiple types of products, including membership levels and/ or pay-per-posts. Wishlist Member alone, when not integrated with WooCommerce, allows selling only one membership level at a time.

1.Customers need to fill-in a unique registration form for every membership level and pay-per-post they purchase:

When integrated with WooCommerce, if customers purchase more than one membership levels in one cart they will need to display them with 2 different registration forms in order for them to register to both levels (one for each level), and if they purchase multiple levels they will need to fill-in a unique registration form for each level… this doesn’t make any sense.

2. You break the regular flow of purchasing through an online store:

Another issue with displaying registration forms on an online store is that they break the regular purchase flow customers are used to when purchasing from a online store. The customer is regular to see an invoice or an “Order Complete” page, and redirect him to a second registration form is unnecessary, especially as he has already filled all the information at the checkout page.

So how can I add fields to collect more information about my customers?

You can do that using the official WooCommerce extension called “Checkout Fields Editor” that allows you to add and change the checkout fields.

Using this extension you can edit the billing fields, shipping fields and more and collect extra information that is important to you.

For more information on how you can register Wishlist Member members via WooCommerce check Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus


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Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Just Got Way More Powerful! [New Add-Ons]

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Just Got Way More Powerful! [New Add-Ons]

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus has become one of the most popular plugins on our online store, and it just got even way better with the 3 new add-ons we have added to it.

These add-ons were added based on our clients’ requests so you might benefit from them also.

These are the available add-ons for the Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin:

* Please note that these add-ons require Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus

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HappyPlugins Products & WordPress 4.3 & Wishlist Member

WordPress 4.3 & Wishlist Member

WordPress 4.3 just released and wishlist member was updated as creating new member with WordPress 4.3 was not possible. All Wishlist Member dedicated plugins using the official Wishlist Member API to handle registrations and for all other actions.

If you have updated to WordPress 4.3 and have any problem with one of our plugins please make sure you are using that latest version of Wishlist Member.

You can find more about how to update your Wishlist Member it in the official Wishlist Products blog post.

Why Does Wishlist Member Needed to be updated When Using WordPress 4.3?

WordPress 4.3 was introduced a new way how new users are being registered, because Wishlist Member members are basically regular WordPress users. The  Wishlist Member plugin need to adapt his code and allow new members to be registered when using the new WordPress 4.3.

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Upgrades are Now Possible for All Plugins at HappyPlugins Store – Important Announcement!

Upgrade Feature Now Available for All Plugins at HappyPlugins Store - Important Announcement!

Many of our clients are emailing us on a regular basis with the question “How can I upgrade my license?”

Until now, there was no built in feature within the HappyPlugins online store and we are happy to announce that upgrades are now possible for all our plugins.

How to Upgrade Your License in 2 Simple Steps:

Upgrading your license can be easily done in 2 simple steps:

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How to Integrate Your Wishlist Member Membership Site with bbPress Forums

How to integrate your Wishlist Member membership site with bbPress forums

bbPress is one of the most popular forum platforms, and we noticed that many of our clients tried to integrate bbPress with their Wishlist Member membership site, but noticed that the integration does not work 100% .

The Problems with Integrating Wishlist Member & bbPress

If you have already tried to integrate your membership site with bbPress forum you may have discovered that:

1. It is not possible to protect topics and replies created by your forum members automatically.

This means that you must enter each and every topic and reply and change their protection settings manually… Quite impossible to maintain and manage.

It also means that whenever a non-member will try to access the direct link of a topic / reply he will be able to see its content.

2. It’s not possible to protect the main forum’s index page, I.E:

If you want to prevent non members from even having the ability to access the main forums’ page, then just by integrating Wishlist Member and bbPress you cannot do it.

That is exactly why we developed Wishlist bbPress Protection plugin, as it solves these exact issues and more.

In the short video tutorial below you can get a quick overview of Wishlist bbPress Protection and get a close look at its features and how easy it is to activate and use:

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