Wishlist 1-Click Registration & Drip Autoresponder Service

Wishlist 1-Click Registration & Drip Autoresponder Service

We received a question from one of clients who wanted to know if our plugin Wishlist 1-Click Registration integrates with Drip autoresopnder.

The short answer is – YES!

Here is the full explanation:

Wishlist 1-Click Registration allows you to register members automatically to any free membership level in 2 ways:

1. By adding a unique registration link to email you send to your email subscribers – Your subscribers click on a link you add to your emails and they are added automatically to the relevant membership level. Here is a short video that describes how it works:

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How to Display a List of All the Posts that Update Automatically Per Member

Wishlist Member 1-Minute How To Videos

Tim’s Question:

“I am selling protected content using Wishlist Member’s pay-per-post feature and I wanted to know if there is a way to show each member a list of all the posts he has access to.”


Video Script:

Using Wishlist Smart Shortcodes you can display a list of all the posts accessible per member using a simple shortcode. Just add the shortcode to any post or page and save.

You can also add different parameters to the shortcode, for example:

payperpost parameter to display posts protected under the pay-per-post feature and display_excerpt parameter to also display a short excerpt of each post.

There are also two other shortcodes for displaying a list of all the pages or categories per member.

Every time a member will access that page he’ll see all the posts according to his membership level. These shortcodes are part of the Members Add-On.

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes includes 32 powerful shortcodes that display different types of information.

For more information on how you can empower your membership site go to Wishlist Smart Shortcodes + Add-Ons product page

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Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus VS. Wishlist Member Integration by WooCommerce

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus VS. Wishlist Member Integration by WooCommerce

If you are thinking of integrating Wishlist Member with WooCommerce and you have done some research you probably came up with these 2 plugins that allow you to accomplish the integration:

Using any of the 2 plugins above you can integrate Wishlist Member with WooCommerce, however, the plugins are different from one another significantly, and offer different features and integration options.

Comparison Table

Here is the complete comparison of Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus and the Wishlist Member Integration plugin.

You can click on the “Info” link in every feature to navigate to thorough explanations and screenshots:

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How to Associate Multiple WooCommerce Products with One Wishlist Membership Level

How to Associate Multiple WooCommerce Products with One Wishlist Membership Level

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin integrates Wishlist Member and WooCommerce and allows you to sell memberships (membership levels and / or pay-per-posts) through your WooCommerce store.

Using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus you can assign a WLM SKU to a WooCommerce product as you can see from the example screenshot below:

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Integration

The SKU limit is not a Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus limit but just the way WooCommerce work regarding duplicates SKUs.

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Using Wishlist Auto Registration with ClickFunnels – Important Clarification

Using Wishlist Auto Registration with ClickFunnels - Important Clarification

As we have been getting many requests lately from customs who are using ClickFunnels and Wishlist Member and want to know if the Wishlist Auto Registration plugin supports Wishlist Member and ClickFunnels integration here is the detailed explanation why it does not:

Wishlist Auto Registration automates the registration process to your membership site and prevents duplicate and incomplete registrations.

Wishlist Auto Registration needs a direct integration with a payment gateway, it does not support 3rd-party integrations like ClickFunnels as the information is not returned to the plugin and cannot be parsed in order to trigger the automatic registration process.

The integration of Wishlist Member and ClickFunnels involves more than one service and, therefore, the information is not returning in the correct format to Wishlist Member in a way that Wishlist Auto Registration can identify it as a new registration.

We also currently don’t have any plans developing a solution for this scenario, however, if you are interested in custom development that will solve this issue and will suit you exact needs and specification, please contact our support team for a quote.

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