Why You Should Never Use WooThemes Wishlist Member Integration for WooCommerce?

Why You Should Never Use WooThemes Wishlist Member Integration for WooCommerce?

In the last few years, if you wanted to integrate Wishlist Member & WooCommerce, you only had one option and that was to use the extension developed by WooThemes, the developers of the WooCommerce platform.

It would only make sense to use this extensions as this was the only one available. However, about 9 months ago we have developed Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus, which is a complete integration plugin for Wishlist Member & WooCommerce that takes the integration between these 2 great products to a whole new level.

In the meantime, WooThemes has stopped supporting their Wishlist Member WooCommerce extension and in the last few months they even stopped selling it on their website.

Infect, the only information you can ever find of its existence is the product documentation that was left online for old users.

So why you should never use WooThemes Wishlist Member extension?

Here are 4 main reasons not to use the WooThemes extension for Wishlist Member & WooCommerce:

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5 Great Benefits to Integrating Wishlist Member & WooCommerce

5 Great Benefits to Integrating Wishlist Member & WooCommerce

Integrating Wishlist Member and WooCommerce can be very powerful and can help increase your total earnings and revenues significantly.

If you are thinking of integrating Wishlist Member with WooCommerce, but you’re not sure if you should and what are the benefits of doing so, in this post we go over all the benefits of integrating both platforms.

Why You Should Wishlist Member & WooCommerce

1. Sell multiple types of products

You can sell different types of products in the same platform, for example: online courses, memberships, individual posts (pay-per-posts), physical products, digital products etc.

When you offer multiple types of products in one place you can take advantage of the same traffic you already have to expose other products to the same audience, and, therefore, increase your chances of increasing the value per customer (revenues from each customer).

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Moving from “WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration” Plugin by WooThemes to “Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus” Plugin by HappyPlugins

Moving from "WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration" Plugin by WooThemes to "Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus" Plugin by HappyPlugins

Recently, WooThemes announced they have discontinued selling their plugin “WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration” and that they will also stop supporting anyone who has already bought this plugin and has it on his website.

If you are using the WooThemes plugin for integrating your Wishlist Member membership site with the WooCommerce platform you should know that this announcement will affect you at some point, as every new WordPress / Wishlist Member / WooCommerce version that will be released in the future will have the potential to break this integration as no future adaption will be done to the code, and all three platforms update quite frequently.

Because most of the Wishlist Member integration with WooCommerce is done behind the scenes, you will probably not even know a problem exists until one of your customers will report to you about it.

This announcement has raised many questions among users who are using the WooThemes integration plugin and we received many requests regarding our plugin Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus and whether moving to it will cause any problems with the integration.

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