Why You Should Never Use WooThemes Wishlist Member Integration for WooCommerce?

In the last few years, if you wanted to integrate Wishlist Member & WooCommerce, you only had one option and that was to use the extension developed by WooThemes, the developers of the WooCommerce platform.

It would only make sense to use this extensions as this was the only one available. However, about 9 months ago we have developed Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus, which is a complete integration plugin for Wishlist Member & WooCommerce that takes the integration between these 2 great products to a whole new level.

In the meantime, WooThemes has stopped supporting their Wishlist Member WooCommerce extension and in the last few months they even stopped selling it on their website.

Infect, the only information you can ever find of its existence is the product documentation that was left online for old users.

So why you should never use WooThemes Wishlist Member extension?

Here are 4 main reasons not to use the WooThemes extension for Wishlist Member & WooCommerce:

  • The extension will no longer have updates – WooThemes officially stopped selling the extension and they are not releasing any updates to this product. We don’t know why, but after WooThemes was acquired  by Automatic company they have dropped a lot of products.
  • WooThemes extension for Wishlist Member and WooCommerce was a side-product and it never got a lot of attention from WooThemes, which caused it to be left aside without constant maintenance of updates and new features.
  • WooThemes developers are less familiar with Wishlist Member and because Wishlist Member is not their main platform the product design and flow ware not in the same high quality as the other WooCommerce products.
  • Uses Wishlist Member old API – WooThemes extension for Wishlist Member & WooCommerce code had used the old Wishlist Member API (version #1) which was replaced by Wishlist Member itself 3 years ago and the product was never updated to the new API version, which caused a lot of problems, including: slow performance and limited functions as the old API was not as powerful as the new one.

If the product is not available for sale why are you writing it?

Although WooThemes Wishlist Member WooCommerce integration plugin is not available for sale, you can find it on many “downloads” website that sell it for a few dollars.

For that reason, we have received many tickets from Wishlist Member users that chose to use this product, either because they bought it when it was available, or because they “bought” it from a non-legit website.

All of them experience many problems with their online store, problems such as slow loading time, but the most important problem was that the product does not really work, and, in many cases, the WooCommerce customers just don’t get added by the plugin to the membership site.

Why should I believe you, after all you are just trying to promote your product?

Although we have very good reputation and our products are working on hundreds of membership sites, we assume that if you are reading this section then it is probably the first time we “meet”, so our answer to you is  that you don’t have to take our word for it.

However, if you want a real Wishlist Member WooCommerce integration plugin and you are building a real business online I would not put my money and purchase a non-updated version from a non-legit website of the WooThemes integration plugin, but I would buy Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus that is already installed and working on hundreds of websites.

Besides that, Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus is smarter and robust, and it also includes a lot more features.

You will find all the information about Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus and even check the comparison table with the old WooThemes Wishlist Member integration in the complete product page.

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