Looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts ? Sorry, But We’re Not Playing This Game

We value your time, so if you think you are going to find any Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts at the end of the post, save your time. Saying that, you will, however, find at the end of this post a way to get discounts on all product all year long.

We have thought about it a lot, whether or not to create a promotion in this time of year, after all, every one else is doing it and customers are just looking for the right deal in order to purchase the products.

Also, this time a year is a great way to promote any product, just offer a Black Friday offer and any website that has a list of offers will be happy to promote you (for an affiliate commission) and this would be appeared like a great opportunity.

But you know what? We have realized that this kind of promotion is not taking us to where we want to go, and I think that it isn’t getting us where you want us to be either.

All our products have a great value, we develop products for people who build websites. When you buy anyone of our plugins you make an investment. It’s not just the cost of the plugins, learning a new tool takes time and trusting the company who develops it requires confidence. You are engaging with us for the long term.

We are not selling Play Stations, Xbox  or flat-screen TVs, all of these are great products, but we are just not in that business.

Why we decided not to jump over this promotion method?

Here are some of the problems with all the Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions :

  • Most customers who purchase products like the ones we develop, just purchase it because of the huge deal that they are offered. In most cases, they are never going to use the product as they sometimes don’t really need it. We want people to use our products, so they can give us feedback and we can continue to make better products and improve the existing ones.
  • When we are giving this kind of a discount, we are punishing everyone who has already bought outside of the sale. It’s not just the cost, when you buy from us, you get support and require our attention. It’s not entirely fair to have a rush of discount orders, coming in one day, causing a jam in our support for a whole week.
  • We respect our products and prices, after all, if we don’t respect them, who will?
  • We don’t want to push people into wasting time looking for bargains and waiting for deals. If you have need on all our plugins today, get it today but It’s going to be the same price on Friday and next week.

So we are happy to say that no matter when you purchase one (or two, or three) of our products there is just one price. We think that all of our plugins justify the price and their value for our customers. We spend all our energies in developing good products and giving high quality support. Anyone of the products will cost the same every day of the year for everyone. If we decide to revise prices, it will apply to everyone, the whole time.

Why are we writing this post?

We got many emails all week long that people are waiting for discounts just to purchase a product, we have answered them the same, saying we are not playing this game and if they need our products then they can purchase it and that they don’t need to worry that in a few days they are going to be on a sale, because it not.

So what about the discounts you have promised in the beginning of the post?

As promised, you can get these discounts all year long on anyone of our products at HappyPlugins store (except for specific products bundles that already have a built-in discount).

You can get the discounts very easily and, actually, we have written a long post on how to get multiple discounts at HappyPlugins.com , check it out and get your discount.


If you are asking yourself what does the polar bears in the image post has to do with Black Friday discounts, than the answer is very simple… we simply love polar bears and it’s much more fun to be relaxed then chasing after the next Black Friday deal.

If you love polar bears like we do you are welcome to check Polar Bears Internationalthe non-profit organization that researches and helps many polar bears ever years 🙂


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