How to Get Multiple Discounts for Any Plugin You Want?We give you 4 different ways to enjoy multiple discounts in every purchase you make at HappyPlugins Store.

1. Get 5% Discount by Sharing via Social Networks

Just share the product you want to purchase in your favorite social networks to get the discount.

Scroll down inside the product’s page till you see these social buttons:

Get 5% Discount by Sharing via Social Networks

2. Get Real Money Back for Your Next Purchases

For every purchase you make we give you credits back in real USD for your next purchase.

To find out how much discount you get, just scroll down inside the product’s page till you see this message:

Get Real Money Back for Your Next Purchases

3. Get 10% Volume Discount for Purchasing 3 Products

By purchasing 3 products you get 10% discount in the checkout page:

Get 10% Discount for Purchasing 3 Products

4. Get Special News, Updates & Promotions via Email

Signup to our mailing list and get exclusive new, updates and promotions from us: exclusive discount coupons, updates about new plugins releases and more. Click here to signup

Check out our available plugins at

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