Redirect User Profile Page to a Frontend Page

If you managing a membership website or any website where you don’t want your member to go in to the back end of your WordPress than you may already figure it out that you may have a problem when someone wants to edit their profile.

Although you may find many plugins that will give you the option to edit the user profile on the fronted in most cases when the user click the edit profile link that can be found in the WordPress admin bar he will be redirected to back-end of your WordPress.

If you want to prevent this behavior and redirect the user to a page on the your website you can use this little code snippet.

Just put it inside your theme functions.php  or you can even create a simple plugin out of (if you know how to do it):

Before you insert this code into your website remember to change the URL:

This code will not prevent from you the website admin to access the back-end of your profile page.

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About the author: Happy Plugin is developing WordPress plugin and custom theme for more than 4 years. Most of our work is developing custom plugins and solution for customers.

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