Looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts ? Sorry, But We’re Not Playing This Game

Looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts ? Sorry, But We’re Not Playing This Game

We value your time, so if you think you are going to find any Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts at the end of the post, save your time. Saying that, you will, however, find at the end of this post a way to get discounts on all product all year long.

We have thought about it a lot, whether or not to create a promotion in this time of year, after all, every one else is doing it and customers are just looking for the right deal in order to purchase the products.

Also, this time a year is a great way to promote any product, just offer a Black Friday offer and any website that has a list of offers will be happy to promote you (for an affiliate commission) and this would be appeared like a great opportunity.

But you know what? We have realized that this kind of promotion is not taking us to where we want to go, and I think that it isn’t getting us where you want us to be either.

All our products have a great value, we develop products for people who build websites. When you buy anyone of our plugins you make an investment. It’s not just the cost of the plugins, learning a new tool takes time and trusting the company who develops it requires confidence. You are engaging with us for the long term.

We are not selling Play Stations, Xbox  or flat-screen TVs, all of these are great products, but we are just not in that business.

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Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Just Got Way More Powerful! [New Add-Ons]

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Just Got Way More Powerful! [New Add-Ons]

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus has become one of the most popular plugins on our online store, and it just got even way better with the 3 new add-ons we have added to it.

These add-ons were added based on our clients’ requests so you might benefit from them also.

These are the available add-ons for the Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin:

* Please note that these add-ons require Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus

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HappyPlugins Products & WordPress 4.3 & Wishlist Member

WordPress 4.3 & Wishlist Member

WordPress 4.3 just released and wishlist member was updated as creating new member with WordPress 4.3 was not possible. All Wishlist Member dedicated plugins using the official Wishlist Member API to handle registrations and for all other actions.

If you have updated to WordPress 4.3 and have any problem with one of our plugins please make sure you are using that latest version of Wishlist Member.

You can find more about how to update your Wishlist Member it in the official Wishlist Products blog post.

Why Does Wishlist Member Needed to be updated When Using WordPress 4.3?

WordPress 4.3 was introduced a new way how new users are being registered, because Wishlist Member members are basically regular WordPress users. The  Wishlist Member plugin need to adapt his code and allow new members to be registered when using the new WordPress 4.3.

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Upgrades are Now Possible for All Plugins at HappyPlugins Store – Important Announcement!

Upgrade Feature Now Available for All Plugins at HappyPlugins Store - Important Announcement!

Many of our clients are emailing us on a regular basis with the question “How can I upgrade my license?”

Until now, there was no built in feature within the HappyPlugins online store and we are happy to announce that upgrades are now possible for all our plugins.

How to Upgrade Your License in 2 Simple Steps:

Upgrading your license can be easily done in 2 simple steps:

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Moving from “WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration” Plugin by WooThemes to “Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus” Plugin by HappyPlugins

Moving from "WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration" Plugin by WooThemes to "Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus" Plugin by HappyPlugins

Recently, WooThemes announced they have discontinued selling their plugin “WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration” and that they will also stop supporting anyone who has already bought this plugin and has it on his website.

If you are using the WooThemes plugin for integrating your Wishlist Member membership site with the WooCommerce platform you should know that this announcement will affect you at some point, as every new WordPress / Wishlist Member / WooCommerce version that will be released in the future will have the potential to break this integration as no future adaption will be done to the code, and all three platforms update quite frequently.

Because most of the Wishlist Member integration with WooCommerce is done behind the scenes, you will probably not even know a problem exists until one of your customers will report to you about it.

This announcement has raised many questions among users who are using the WooThemes integration plugin and we received many requests regarding our plugin Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus and whether moving to it will cause any problems with the integration.

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