4 Reasons Why You Should Grant Members-Only Discounts on Your Products and / or Merchandise

If you have a membership site & an eCommerce shop then you are probably leaving money on the table…

You probably already know that you can grant coupons and time-limited discounts to attract more customers.

But have you ever considered granting unique discounts only to members who are registered to your membership site?

This means that members will enjoy special discounts no other customer will get!

We at HappyPlugins developed unique members’ discount plugins for the WooCommerce platform. These plugins are available for these membership platforms:

Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Granting Members-Only Discounts:

Reason #1 – Increase the Registrations to Your Membership Site

You can use this members-only privilege to get special discounts on your products to market your membership site.

For example: “Want to get 20% on all my brand’s merchandise? Register to my membership site and get members-only discounts!”

Reason #2 – Make Your Members Feel Special

By giving your members unique discounts no one else can get you will obviously make them feel special and increase their satisfaction!

And happy members are members who pay over and over again, and are members who recommend others to become members as well.

Reason #3 – Increase Members Engagement and Retention

Purchasing more of your products will lead to more interaction with you.

More interaction with you will lead to more engaged members.

And more engaged members will lead to higher retention rates.

Reason #4 – Increase Your Sales and Revenues

The side effect of all the other reasons are that obviously your sales and revenues will also increase…

So if you are still not granting your members with unique members-only discounts, we hope that this post has convinced you to start 🙂

If you are using WishList Member / MemberPress / MemberMouse & WooCommerce, you can integrate your shop with your membership site to grant members-only discounts. using these plugins:

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