Give your WishList Members discounts on your WooCommerce shop products, increase their loyalty and generate a lot more revenues from your online shop!

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Let’s say you have a WishList Member membership site on how to start a podcast called “The Podcast Master” with hundreds of members.

Now let’s say you also have an online shop (with WooCommerce) with products you sell, not only to members, but to anyone who wants to start a podcast, but isn’t registered to your membership site.

Products such as: Mind maps, checklists, mini courses etc.

Using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts you can choose to give your members discounts on the products you sell.

So customers who are not part of your membership site will pay the FULL price, while your members will enjoy a unique discount.

Here is an example…

You sell “Podcast Distribution & Marketing Checklists” through your Woo shop

The regular product price is – $40

Members product price is – $20

The discount is calculated automatically according to the member’s membership level.

You can even define different discounts for each membership level.

For example:

Free Membership price (instead of 40) > $30
Paid Membership price (instead of 40) > $20

Main Benefits:

By granting members with unique discounts on your woo products you will achieve 2 main benefits:

1 – Increase your members’ loyalty and retention

2 – Increase your overall revenues by encouraging purchases

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts plugin costs only &67 and you will see your return on your investment in no time!

All the information about Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts in this link

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