Redirect User Profile Page to a Frontend Page

Redirect User Profile Page to a Frontend Page

If you managing a membership website or any website where you don’t want your member to go in to the back end of your WordPress than you may already figure it out that you may have a problem when someone wants to edit their profile.

Although you may find many plugins that will give you the option to edit the user profile on the fronted in most cases when the user click the edit profile link that can be found in the WordPress admin bar he will be redirected to back-end of your WordPress.

If you want to prevent this behavior and redirect the user to a page on the your website you can use this little code snippet.

Just put it inside your theme functions.php  or you can even create a simple plugin out of (if you know how to do it):

Before you insert this code into your website remember to change the URL:

This code will not prevent from you the website admin to access the back-end of your profile page.

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Wishlist Members Count Plugin Overview

Wishlist Members Count allows you to display different statistic information about the popularity of your membership site to attract new registrations and increase your registration rates.

You can display this information:

1. Total number of members in all levels/ in a specific level
2. Total number of active members in all levels/ in a specific level
3. Total number of cancelled members in all levels/ in a specific level

You will find the shortcodes in the dashboard tab as seen in the screenshot below:

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Wishlist Protection Display Plugin Overview

Wishlist Protection Display allows you to view the protection status of your protected content from the main posts and pages’ tables (WordPress back-end menu > Posts/ Pages > All Posts/ Pages).

The plugin adds a Protection Level column with icons that represent the content’s protection status.

By moving your mouse on each icon you can see a tool-tip with an explanation about the icon’s meaning:

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Improve Your Website Security By Deleting Old Core Files

Improve Your Website Security By Deleting Old Core Files

WordPress is updating all the time and his update process includes many times adding new core files and deleting exiting old files that are not relevant anymore.

The idea behind removing old core file is very important and has a very high impact for making your website more secure .

Many hackers use old files that exists in older versions to hack in to your website and control or alter your content / information.

Even though WordPress update system deletes all the old files sometimes the deletion process will not be complete and your website installation will left some old core files.

A new plugin that was developed is coming to solve this problem exactly.

The plugin is called “Old Core Files“.

The plugin will  do a scan of your WordPress installation files to search old core files that have left behind.  If he find any, it’s will display them to so your can choose to delete them.

You can download the plugin thorough WordPress plugin directory at:


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WordPress Spam Comments How to Reduce By Simple .htaccess Tweak

Stop Spam Using .htaccess File

WordPress is the most famous open source platform on the web and because of them many people have developed dedicated scripts and bots to send a comment to a WordPress website without even visiting the website.

The are a lot of reasons of why people spamming websites as there are many solutions for the problem but most the solution dealing with the problem after it already happened.

For example Akismet is identifying the a comment that has been to the your website as spam and put it inside the spam folder.

But we could approach the problem from a different way what if we could prevent access to our comment page unless the visitor is currently on our website.

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