Using Wishlist Auto Registration with Autoresponder Service [Pre-Sell Questions]

Question from Given regarding Wishlist Auto Registration plugin:

“We are using Wishlist membership plugin on our membership website. We are planning to buy the Wishlist Auto Registration plugin.

However we want to know if its going to affect the integration of Getresponse on our Wishlist form.

Basically each Wishlist membership level is connected to our registration form and to Getresponse.

If we purchase Wishlist Auto Registration, would the user still be registered to Getresponse?

Warm regards, Given”

Support Answer:

The short answer is YES, even with Wishlist Auto Registration will still be registered to Getresponse.

Here is the more detailed answer:

Wishlist Auto Registration allows you to register members automatically to your membership site, so once they complete the registration inside the payment gateway they return to the membership site and instead of being redirected to the Wishlist Member registration form to register to the site, they are automatically registered to the site by our plugin.

Also, they get the email with the login details directly to their mailbox and if you have an integration with an Autoresponder, they are also added to the relevant campaign inside the Autoresponder service.

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