HappyPlugins Store Openning

We are happy to announce that our plugin store is now open!

After developing for WordPress for more than 5 years we have done a lot of custom development plugins, most of the plugins are unique to a specific website or customer but some of them are suitable for every WordPress website.

In our store we have chosen only the plugins the can be benefit to many websites owners and released them to for sale.

Currently we have 9 plugins available  for sale and new ones are added almost on a daily basis.

If you are a Wishlist Member user we have published some unique plugins for Wishlist Member  that will take your membership site forward either by helping you manage your website more efficiently or by added features that always wanted to your membership site.

Because are managing few membership site of our own, we use these plugins on a daily basis and we continue to develop all of them to suite your evolving needs.

If you managing your affiliate program on ClickBank and still want to sell your product for none affiliate buyers thorough Paypal we have developed a very unique plugin called ClickBank redirection.

This plugin is working like a magic and if a buyer is coming from a ClickBank affiliate link he will be redirected to a special page that includes only ClickBank buying buttons but if the buyer is coming from a direct link he will still see your regular PayPal or any other payments buttons.

Your can check ClicBank Redirection page for more information

You can visitor our store at: http://happyplugins.com or using the ‘store’ link in the navigation menu. 

We would be to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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