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If you want to sell your digital products and want to do it on your own platform without using other 3rd party stores then Easy Digital Downloads is best solution for the job.

Please see our updated post here: Easy Digital Downloads – The Engine Behind our Online Store

Easy Digital Downloads is a free WordPress plugin but although it’s very advanced and you can use it without adding any other paid extensions you may want to add some features that are available only using commercial add-ons. 

Unlike any other eCommerce solutions like WooCommercem Easy Digital Downloads  (Also know as EDD) is focused on selling digital goods and not physical products. 

This one single difference is very important and that is because digital products flow is different from selling physical products online.

After checking a lot of platforms, we have decided to using Easy Digital Downloads on our HappyPlugins Store

On our WordPress plugins store we are using the following extensions (some of the extension are free and some of them are commercial):

Easy Digital support team is doing a great job finding solution for all the problem that you be faced when building your first online store for digital Selling your digital products. 

If you want to experience how a easy digital downloads store look & feel visit our HappyPlugins our online plugins store and see the flow you may even find a product that you need.


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