Membership Discounts Add-On for MemberPress WooCommerce Plus [New! Support for Variable Products]

We are happy to announce a new version release for the Membership Discounts Add-On [Version 1.3.1] In this version we have added support for variable products. The add-on allows you to grant your MemberPress members with unique discounts on any of your WooCommerce products. These are discounts unique to members, so regular customers will not …

MemberPress WooCommerce Plus – New Integration Plugin for MemberPress & WooCommerce Coming Soon + Special Early-Bird Discount

We know you have been waiting for this plugin for a very long time… And we are happy to announce that MemberPress WooCommerce Plus is in its final development and testing and it will be released in the next couple of weeks. Scroll down to the end of the post for our special early-bird discount… …

Can I change Wishlist Member’s content protection status automatically?

Amy’s Question: Can I change my contents’ protection status automatically (for example: from un-protected to protected or from one membership level to another)? HappyPlugins Support Answer: YES!!! Using Wishlist Auto Protect Pro you can easily achieve that! The plugin allows you to change the protection settings anyway you want!! From > To: Unprotected > Protected …

Using CSS Sprites In Your WordPress Plugins

If you are not familiar with CSS sprites that you should start doing it now.  CSS sprites are the best way to improve your plugin speed very easily. If you ever look into the code of WordPress itself you will find that it’s using a lot of CSS sprites when displaying images and icons.

Adding Your New Plugin To The Directory

The WordPress plugin directory is a very good place to publish and distribute your new plugin. Currently this time the directory includes about 20,902 plugins and every days about 50 new plugins are added. Before you develop your new plugin you should know few rules that the WordPress directory have regarding the plugins that are published: