MemberPress WooCommerce Plus - New Integration Plugin for MemberPress & WooCommerce Coming Soon + Special Early-Bird Discount

We know you have been waiting for this plugin for a very long time…

And we are happy to announce that MemberPress WooCommerce Plus is in its final development and testing and it will be released in the next couple of weeks.

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Why You Should Integrate MemberPress & WooCommerce?

The integration of MemberPress and WooCommerce gives you the option to assign MemberPress levels, pay-per-post and pay-per-view content to members after they complete the purchase / order through WooCommerce.

By integrating MemberPress & WooCommerce you will be able to:

1 – Have Complete and Easy Tax Management Platform:

As MemberPress does not process any payments, WooCommerce is the perfect platform for managing your taxes when selling MemberPress memberships.

MemberPress WooCommerce Plus integrates MemberPress with WooCommerce so that you can manage your taxes via the WooCommerce platform.

2- Allow customers to buy more than one membership level

This will allow you to create their own combination of levels (decide which levels to add to the cart and buy)

3 – Allow customers to buy more than one pay-per-post content

This way you will not need to create separate purchase buttons for each pay-per-post content you want to sell

4 – Allow customers to buy more than one pay-per-view content

This way you will not need to create separate purchase buttons for each pay-per-view content you want to sell.

5 – Allow customers to buy a combination of levels, pay-per-post and pay-per-view content in one purchase

Allowing your customers to purchase multiple products and / or memberships in one single cart will highly increase your sales and revenues, as the sales process will be much faster and easier.

6 – Enjoy all the benefits of an eCommerce shop

Your MemberPress levels and posts are just like any WooCommerce product  in your shop, that way you can enjoy all the benefits of selling through an online store…

Including using all of WooCommerce add-ons that will help you maximize your sales and revenues. 

Using these add-ons you will be able to add more features that will grow your revenues even more, for example: 

Up-sells, currency converter, related products, Notifications, social discounts and so much more!!!

MemberPress WooCommerce Plus Plugin Main Features

MemberPress WooCommerce Plus can be used for 2 scenarios:

1 – For Selling Local Membership Products

When WooCommerce & MemberPress are installed on the EXACT same domain and WordPress installation. You will need MemberPress WooCommerce Plus plugin only

2 – For Selling External Membership Products

When WooCommerce & MemberPress are installed on SEPARATE domains and different WordPress installations. You will need to also purchase the External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle

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