Shortcodes AnyWhere [Free WordPress Plugin]

Shortcodes Anywhere - Free WordPress Plugin

WordPress shortcodes are very powerful tool to enhance your website content easily and quickly. If you are programmer you can create a new shortcode either through a  plugin or a theme, but even if you are not familiar with code you can create new shortcodes for your website using simple plugins like shortcodes Pro.

The only one disadvantages of the WordPress shortcodes is that by default they are working only inside your page or post content and if you want to put a shortcode inside the widget for example they will not work.

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Delete Multiple Themes [Free WordPress Plugin]


Many times you want to delete multiple themes at once without using your ftp program (which may take a lot of time depending on the FTP software)

The “Delete Multiple Themes” plugin will enable you to do just that.

You will be able to:

Choose the themes you want to delete You will be able see which themes has child themes installed As a security measure unnecessary themes may cause security holes.

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