User Shortcodes

User Shortcodes a slim plugin for WordPress that will enable you to display the current logged in user information using simple shorcodes.

The plugin includes 6 shortcodes:

[list style=”note”]
      • [currentuser_username]  – Display the current user name
      • [currentuser_useremail] – Display the current user email
      • [currentuser_displayname] – Display the current user display name
      • [currentuser_firstname] – Display the current user first name
      • [currentuser_lastname] – Display the current user last name
      • [currentuser_id] – Display the current user numeric ID

The plugin is very simple to use and unlike any other similar plugins it doesn’t add unnecessary features.

If no user is currently logged in that anyone of the shortcodes will return an empty information.


How to Download?

You can download User Shortcodes plugin either from the WordPress directory or through the “Add Plugin” menu inside your WordPress website.

  • To download the plugin from inside you wordpress installation search the “user shortcodes”  and click install
  • To download the plugin from the WordPress directory click the button below.
[button background=”#ef842d” color=”#ffffff” size=”4″ radius=”0″  url=””]Download For Free[/button]

Latest Version

Current Version:  1.0.0

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