Using Our Shortcodes-Based Plugins with Custom Post Types & Page Builders

Using Shortcodes-Based Plugins with Page Builders

Some of the plugins we sell at HappyPlugins are shortcodes-based, and many of our clients want to use the shortcodes in different custom post types and / or themes.

First, an important clarification: All of our shortcodes-based plugins are using regular WordPress shortcodes, which means that if the element you are using inside the custom post type / page-builder supports WordPress shortcodes then you can also use any shortcode of these plugins as specified below:

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Shortcodes AnyWhere [Free WordPress Plugin]

Shortcodes Anywhere - Free WordPress Plugin

WordPress shortcodes are very powerful tool to enhance your website content easily and quickly. If you are programmer you can create a new shortcode either through a  plugin or a theme, but even if you are not familiar with code you can create new shortcodes for your website using simple plugins like shortcodes Pro.

The only one disadvantages of the WordPress shortcodes is that by default they are working only inside your page or post content and if you want to put a shortcode inside the widget for example they will not work.

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