How and Why You Should Integrate MemberPress WooCommerce and LearnDash

Integrating MemberPress, LearnDash and WooCommerce will allow you to take these powerful platforms and create the perfect online business.

Combining the 3 platforms is so powerful and will have a major effect on your sales and revenues.

Here is how you will be able to maximize the use of each of platform:


For providing access to protected content (free and paid).

Using MemberPress you can create a closed members area to provide access to protected content, both free and paid.

The free membership will allow potential customers get some of your content for free in exchange for their email, and you will be able to gain their trust and turn them into paying customers in the future.

Example of free content you can grant for free: mini courses, tutorials and guides.

The paid membership will allow you to sell other protected content and assign members to different memberships according to your needs.


LearnDash is one of the most popular platforms for selling online courses.

You can enjoy all the benefits and features of a real course platform, such as:

  • Ordering content to lessons and topics
  • Add quizzes in the end of each lesson and/ or topic before moving to the next subject
  • Sending multiple email notifications according to different conditions (for example: if a customer purchased your course, but is not “enrolled” in the course yet)
  • Awesome course structure, flow and design that can be achieved in seconds
  • And a lot more!


WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, that has so many benefits, for example:

  • Selling multiple types of products in one purchase: Physical products, digital goods, downloadable products and even MemberPress memberships (selling MemberPress memberships can be done using the MemberPress WooCommerce Plus plugin)
  • Further more, you can enjoy all the benefits an eCommerce platform has to offer, such as: granting coupons, volume discounts and more…

NOTE: If you want to grant your MemberPress members with unique discounts on all or some of your WooCommerce products you can use the Membership Discounts Add-On.

The Benefits of Integrating MemberPress, LearnDash & WooCommerce:

Integrating all 3 platforms has X major benefits:

Benefit #1 – Better User Experience:

Provide better user experience according to the action or content your customers need to achieve.

If they have purchased an online course, LearnDash will deliver the course content perfectly.

If you want to allow customers to purchase multiple types of products, get volume discounts and more cart related features then WooCommerce is the best platform for managing it.

And if you want to manage a closed membership site with protected content MemberPress is the relevant platform for protecting your content.

Benefit #2 – Huge Time Saver for You:

When choosing the right platform to manage your business and creating the flow and structure based on every platform’s strong features, you can save a huge amount of time in managing your business later on.

Whether it is managing your content, uploading new content, adding more features, and even automating processes.

Benefit #3 – Maximizing Your Revenues:

Eventually, providing better user experience and taking advantage of each platform’s strengths will result in increased sales and revenues.

So to sum it up…

We highly recommend integrating MemberPress, LearnDash and WooCommerce!

Common Questions about the Integration:

Here are some common questions we get asked about using MemberPress WooCommerce Plus to integrate MemberPress and WooCommerce (in combination with LearnDash):

1. How the flow works when integrating these 3 platforms?

MemberPress WooCommerce Plus allows you to sell MemberPress memberships as WooCommerce products.

For the LearnDash – MemberPress integration you need this add-on:

MemberPress Integration

If this add-on enrolls / unenrolls members than it will achieve what you want, but it is not related to our plugin.

MemberPress WooCommerce Plus will assign the member to MemberPress after the payment via WooCommerce, and will allow you to grant the membership discounts per level, and once the member will be assigned to the membership, the Learndash -MemberPress add-on will take action to assign the member to the relevant LearnDash courses.

The users flow is like this:

  1. Adding the MemberPress membership product to cart > Checking Out via WooCommerce
  2. Completing the payment process and going to the Order Receipt or any other page you choose to redirect members after they purchase a membership via WooCommerce (Can be defined in the MemberPress WooCommerce Plus plugin settings)
  3. Members are automatially enrolled to the relevant course (Using the LearnDash MemberPress Add-On)
  4. Members can access the course!
  5. Email with payment receipt and membership details are sent to the customer / member

2. What happens incase a refund for the course is granted? Will the member be unenrolled from the course?

Yes! When granting a refund, the member is order status is changed to “refunded” by MemberPress, and LearnDash only allows access if a users membership status is active, so the member will no longer have access to the course.

3. What happens to the MemberPress membership if the customer cancels his subscription? 

If a member cancels his subscription the membership within MemberPress will be cancelled automatically and the member will no longer be able to access the course’s content.

The Plugins You Will Need for the Integration:

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