Using Wishlist 1-Click Registration with ConvertKit AutoResponder

Wishlist 1-Click Registration allows you to register members to any free membership level straight from your autoresponder using a 1-click registration link.

All you need to do in order for your email subscribers to be able to register is generate the link in the plugin’s settings (as seen in the below screenshot) and then copy-paste the link to any text / image inside the email you send to your subscribers.

Wishlist 1-Click Registration Autoresponder Link

The link generated using Wishlist 1-Click Registration looks like this:{!firstname}&l={!lastname}&e={!email}

Using Wishlist 1-Click Registration with ConvertKit

If you want to use Wishlist 1-Click Registration with ConvertKit you will need to change the place-holders in the link (in bold) that is generated with the correct format used by your autoresponder service.

ConvertKit does not make use of Surname, they only collect First Name,  so you can remove the &l={!lastname} from the link and the member should be registered.

So the link should look like this:{!firstname}&e={!email}

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