Pay in Peanuts & Get Monkeys

We are managing few websites in multiple industries most of them are related to custom development for eCommerce projects.  These projects can vary from one time consulting call to a long period consulting.

After working in the field more than 7 years, we can definitely say that 100% of our customers we hires  us again for their future projects and not only because we know what we do, but because we are giving every project the full intention that it needs.

Most of the jobs projects that we are doing come from exiting customers or new customers that was referred by previous customers.

We love this kind of projects because when someone is getting your name from a person that he is already trust, you can go straight to business and start working on the project without the need to prove yourself.

From time to time we do get new customers through all the contact forms that published on our websites and most of them appreciate the quality of our jobs.

But this post is not about them, this post is about the other kind of people the ones that want to pay us in peanuts.

Do not be confused we loves peanuts but we are just not love to paid in this currency.

We are not doing this kind of projects and not because that we are “greedy” but because are have our high quality standards and charging low prices we will just lower the quality of the projects and that is unacceptable from our point of view.

We are doing a lot of work for animal rights organizations in our country, we love every minutes of it and the best part  we are not even getting paid for doing it….  we do it for the soul.

So why did we wrote this post in the beginning?

We wrote not because that we wanted you to know that we are doing  good work (that’s is our clients task to spread the word) and not even because we wanted you to  know that we charge fair price for the job (we don’t really care about it because we just don’t take this kind products).

We wrote this post for you the developer, the one that is just starting to work in this field, we that don’t afraid to charge fair price for your work you deserve it and if you think you are not worth it just improve your skills and the be best at what you do, and if people want to pay you with peanuts then take them to a trip in the zoo.

We love monkeys too….

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