As a company that deals with WordPress Plugin development we are selling a lot of plugins, some of are commercial plugins like “Wishlist Registration Widget” and some of them are custom development plugins that we built especially for our customers needs.

Currently we are hiring 5 full time programmer that do you will programming work in our company.

Every programming hour have a cost and when we are releasing a product we know what the cost of plugin was are calculating the programming and designing time.

But when we are going to price the final product, are we selling programmer time or do we sell support services?

After being in this business for more then 7 years we can definitely tell you that when you are selling you product your are not selling you code or your programmer time you are selling support.

People will buy you product not only because you code is great but mainly because they know that will get support if something goes wrong.

Now support is a fragile think, because most of the people that contact support have some of problem and they are felling some kine of  frustration.

You have to know how to deal with this kind of situation but more on this subject on a future post.

If you are selling digital products what is opinion about it?

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