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Modasser Asked:

“Before purchasing MemberPress WooCommerce Plus, can you please ensure me that when the customers order the woocommerce product they will automatically join to a membership level and the credentials will send to the customer email to login to the membership area and see their contents?”

We Answered:

​​MemberPress WooCommerce Plus integrates MemberPress & WooCommerce and allows you to sell MemberPress memberships through the WooCommerce platform, just like you sell any other WooCommerce product.
​The membership is assigned automatically when the WooCommerce is marked as “Completed”.
​So, as for your questions:
​Yes, When the customer will order the WooCommerce product, he will automatically join to the relevant membership/s, the credentials will be sent to him automatically and the member will have access to all the relevant protected content.
The email settings can be adjusted in the plugin’s settings > under the Settings tab:
MemberPress WooCommerce Plus Email Settings
MemberPress WooCommerce Plus Email Settings
​You can also choose whether you want any WooCommerce order that includes to MemberPress membership/s to be defined as completed or whether to leave the order as WooCommerce marked it:
MemberPress WooCommerce Plus Order Statuses
MemberPress WooCommerce Plus Order Statuses

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More information on MemberPress WooCommerce Plus can be found in the plugin’s page
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