MemberPress WooCommerce Plus is an integration that connects MemberPress, a popular WordPress membership plugin, with WooCommerce, a widely used eCommerce platform for WordPress.

This integration allows you to sell memberships through WooCommerce while still managing and protecting your content using MemberPress.

You may think that connecting MemberPress and WooCommerce involves just creating a new member inside MemberPress when an order is made on WooCommerce, but a real integration like MemberPress WooCommerce Plus does so much more than that.

Here are just a few examples:

  1. If the member already exists in MemberPress, the plugin does not create a new one but updates the member information.
  2. MemberPress WooCommerce Plus also reflects the membership product value inside your MemberPress dashboard.
  3. MemberPress WooCommerce Plus also handles refunds and partial refunds, and all is done behind the scenes, so you don’t even need to set it up.

Some of the unique benefits and features of using MemberPress WooCommerce Plus include:

  1. Flexibility: You can sell memberships as regular WooCommerce products, which enables you to leverage the advanced features of WooCommerce, like using various payment gateways, offering discounts, and setting up affiliate programs.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: Customers can purchase both memberships and physical or digital products in a single transaction, making the checkout process more streamlined.
  3. Advanced Reporting: With this integration, you can take advantage of WooCommerce’s reporting features, giving you better insights into your membership sales, revenue, and customer behavior.
  4. Customization: You can customize the appearance and functionality of your membership store using WooCommerce themes and plugins, ensuring a consistent look and feel across your entire website.
  5. Simplified Management: The integration allows you to manage your memberships and products in one place, reducing the complexity of running your online business.
  6. Automatic Membership Creation: When a customer purchases a membership through WooCommerce, the integration will automatically create a corresponding MemberPress membership, granting access to protected content based on the purchased membership level.

Remember that in order to use MemberPress WooCommerce Plus, you’ll need to have both MemberPress and WooCommerce installed and activated on your WordPress website.

For more information about the MemberPress and WooCommerce integration, including videos and screenshots, check the MemberPress WooCommerce Plus product page.

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