Improve Your Website Security By Deleting Old Core Files

WordPress is updating all the time and his update process includes many times adding new core files and deleting exiting old files that are not relevant anymore.

The idea behind removing old core file is very important and has a very high impact for making your website more secure .

Many hackers use old files that exists in older versions to hack in to your website and control or alter your content / information.

Even though WordPress update system deletes all the old files sometimes the deletion process will not be complete and your website installation will left some old core files.

A new plugin that was developed is coming to solve this problem exactly.

The plugin is called “Old Core Files“.

The plugin will  do a scan of your WordPress installation files to search old core files that have left behind.  If he find any, it’s will display them to so your can choose to delete them.

You can download the plugin thorough WordPress plugin directory at:


Happy Plugins

About the author: Happy Plugin is developing WordPress plugin and custom theme for more than 4 years. Most of our work is developing custom plugins and solution for customers.

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