8 Code Snippets to Improve WordPress Dashboard

WordPress is one the most easiest CMS that you can find, many clients can use it without genuineness or instructions, but if you are building a website to a customer and want to make your and his life even more easier you can start by removing unneeded panels and branding his client website.

WordPress Dashboard by default include many panels that most of the client will never use and in most cases, seeing so many panel and settings can confuse them especially in the beginning.

With a little of code that can add inside the functions.php file of the template file or even as a separate plugin you can design the interface to be more newbie proof.

Here are 8 code snippets that can use:

Remove the admin bar 

Change the footer text to your own credit

* Change it to your own domain

Remove unnecessary panels (meta boxes) from the dashboard screen)

Add a custom message to the login screen 

Change the login screen logo for your client logo 


Disable HTML edit option inside the TinyMCE editor

Remove columns from the table posts

There are many more changes that you can made to the website that you built but this could give you a good starting point.

Happy Plugins

About the author: Happy Plugin is developing WordPress plugin and custom theme for more than 4 years. Most of our work is developing custom plugins and solution for customers.

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