HappyPlugins - Behind The Product Series

About 3 months ago we have open our online store for the public. Like any other product that we develop we have done a lot of tests even before opening the store to public.

We know that no matter how much time we invest in perfecting the customer flow the real test will after opening the store to public. Our online store like I wrote a in a previous post is based on the Easy Digital Downloads with few commercial extensions that we have bought and other plugins that we have developed for our own needs.

Now after few months we already have 48 49 active products and 9 guides in our online store.

Our 3 top sold products are:

  • Wishlist Auto Registration
  • Wishlist Registration Widget
  • Wishlist Bundles

Our 3 top trending products are:

  • Wishlist Protection Display
  • Wishlist Quick Access
  • Wishlist Email Login

Because of that we have decided to created a new series called “Behind the product” in this posts series we will explore the story behind every product that we on our store.  Most of our products was created to solve a problem, Many cases it’s a problem that one of our clients had and in some cases it’s was a problem that we need to solve for our own website.

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