5 Huge Benefits to Integrating MemberMouse & WooCommerce

There are many benefits to integrating MemberMouse with WooCommerce, but until now there wasn’t any option to do that.

Our developers have been working on a unique integration plugin for a very long time, and after improving and testing the plugin for several months we are happy to announce that you can easily integrate MemberMouse and WooCommerce using the MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus plugin.

MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus integrates MemberMouse & WooCommerce to allow you to sell membership levels and bundles using WooCommerce products.

These are the main benefits to integrating MemberMouse & WooCommerce:

1. Selling multiple types of products in one cart

If you are selling multiple products through WooCommerce you can easily increase your overall sales and revenues by allowing your customers to purchase as many of the products the want in one single purchase process.

These products can be physical products, digital goods, downloadable products, software and basically any type of product that can be sold through the WooCommerce platform.

2. Selling memberships to other websites

Using the External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle for the MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus plugin you can sell MemberMouse memberships that are located on other websites and not on your WooCommerce store.

The purchase process is completed on WooCommerce and the plugin automatically registers the customer as a member on the membership site.

This way you can benefit from traffic you already have to your WooCommerce store and maximize your revenues without the need to make any efforts in generating the traffic to the membership site/s as well.

3. A lot more payment gateway options

When using the MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus plugin the payment process is done via WooCommerce and not MemberMouse, which expands your payment options from few to dozens (WooCommerce integrates with more than a hundred payment gateways).

4. Enjoy all the benefits of an eCommerce platform, including:

Better statistic information, hundreds of WooCommerce extensions, a lot more integration options etc. All these options will allow you to maximize your sales and also your revenues.

5. Dynamic members-only discounts feature

We have empowered the MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus plugin and added a unique discounts feature that allows you to set discounts to existing members based on their membership level. You can set the discounts to be fixed price or a percentage of the regular price.

These discounts are unique to members, so regular customers will pay the regular price of the product you chose to apply discounts to, while members will be able to enjoy special discounts.

These discounts will automatically reflect in the product page according to the members’ current membership level.

For more information on MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus, including short video tutorials go to:


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