Wishlist 1-Click Registration & Drip Autoresponder Service

We received a question from one of clients who wanted to know if our plugin Wishlist 1-Click Registration integrates with Drip autoresopnder.

The short answer is – YES!

Here is the full explanation:

Wishlist 1-Click Registration allows you to register members automatically to any free membership level in 2 ways:

1. By adding a unique registration link to email you send to your email subscribers – Your subscribers click on a link you add to your emails and they are added automatically to the relevant membership level. Here is a short video that describes how it works:

How to Register Email Subscribers to Your Free Wishlist Membership Simply by Clicking a Link:

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2. By rolling members from one membership site to another – Your members click on a link in your current membership site and they are automatically added to the new membership site as members. Here is a short video that describes how it works:

How to Register Members to Another Wishlist Membership Site in 1-Click:

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Using Wishlist 1-Click Registration with Drip Autoresponder:

It’s possible to use Wishlist 1-Click Registration with every autoresponder that supports merge tags / shortcodes for the contact information, including Drip.

Drip supports this information, but it needs to be defined inside your account first. You can find more information about it on Drip knowledge base in this article: Adding Your Subscribers’ First Names to Emails

After you have defined the correct shortcodes for the contact information, you will need to replace the placeholders inside the generated link that Wishlist 1-Click Registration created for your settings inside the generator tab.

Here is a screenshot of the link generated and the placeholders:

Wishlist 1-Click Registration Links
Wishlist 1-Click Registration Links

These are the placeholders (in the end of the link):


The most important information is the email shortcode, so you will be able to omit the first name or last name but it’s of course, better to have them as well.

As Drip shortcodes for contact information are custom defined by you inside the Drip account, we cannot create a generator for Drip as the shortcodes for the member information will be different from one account to another.

But again, you can easily remove the [firstname] and / or [lastname] placeholders as explained in this article: Adding Your Subscribers’ First Names to Emails

For more information on Wishlist 1-Click Registration click here


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