WordPress 4.0 & HappyPlugins Plugins + New Online Store

About 2 weeks ago WordPress 4.0 was released and we got questions from exiting customers & new ones regarding our plugins compatibility with WordPress 4.0.

We are happy to let you know that all of the plugins in our online store are fully compatible with WordPress 4.0. We have been developing for WordPress 4.0 since early beta versions and few plugins that need to updated got an a special update.

If you still facing a problem with one of the plugins please make sure you are using the latest version as they maybe a quick fix for your plugin.

All of our plugins includes automatic update feature so you can easily update each and every one of them by using the built-in WordPress update system.

New Online Store for ClickBank WordPress Plugins

Another quick update regarding a new online store that we are going to launch in the following month. The new store will be located on:  http://clickplugins.com.

This store will sell of the products that you already can find on our major store but it will be dedicated to only ClickBank plugins and guides, more on the new online store in future news update.

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