The Most Robust WishList Member & Elementor Integration!

If you are using the Elementor page-builder and you want to integrate it with WishList Member, we have created a very powerful and robust integration plugin called “Dynamic Visibility for Wishlist Member & Elementor

The plugin allows you to create smart and dynamic pages according to your members’ membership level/s.

You can read more about the plugin’s unique features in this link

We also recorded 2 videos with different scenarios to show you the plugin’s settings and how you can use it to increase your registrations and conversions:

Video #1 – Hiding Content from Specific Membership Level/s When Using Elementor Page Builder:

In this video we wanted to hide a special upgrade offer from a specific membership level, while all members of all other membership levels will be able to see this offer.

We created multiple membership levels, each level offers different privileges within the membership site, but one level (“VIP Bundle”) allows access to all content + privileges.

We wanted members of ALL membership levels except for the “VIP Bundle” to see the option to upgrade to the VIP Bundle level.

Using the Dynamic Visibility for WishList Member & Elementor we were able to hide the special offer from the VIP Bundle members.

Here you can watch the complete settings and page design we created using Elementor:

Video 2 – How to Create Dynamic and Smart Members Only Pages

In this video we created a dynamic lesson page (from an online course) with 3 types of content: Article, Video and Mind Map & Checklist.

Who has access to the content:

  • Article – Basic + Pro + Premium levels
  • Video – Pro + Premium levels
  • Mind Map & Checklist – Premium level only

We also added teaser content with offers that changes dynamically according to the member’s membership level.

Watch the complete video to see what and how we created the dynamic visibility settings:

Get all the information about Dynamic Visibility for Wishlist Member & Elementor in this link

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