How to Display Real-Time Statistics about Your Membership Site to Attract More Registrations

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Tania’s Question:

“I want to display on my sales page the number of members who have already registered to my paid membership, but I want the number to update automatically with every new registration. I open the registration only 4 times a year and I want to provide some kind of a social proof to encourage people to register. Is there a way to achieve that?”


Video Script:

Using Wishlist Smart Shortcodes you can provide real-time statistics and give potential customers a sneak-peek to your membership site.

Using simple shortcodes you can display the total number of active, cancelled or unique members in all levels and the total number of members in a specific level.

All you need to do is copy the shortcode and paste it in the relevant post or page and the number will update in real-time.

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes includes 32 powerful shortcodes that display different types of information.

For more information on how you can empower your membership site using Wishlist Smart Shortcodes go to Wishlist Smart Shortcodes Plugin + Add-Ons


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Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus VS. Wishlist Member Integration by WooCommerce

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus VS. Wishlist Member Integration by WooCommerce

If you are thinking of integrating Wishlist Member with WooCommerce and you have done some research you probably came up with these 2 plugins that allow you to accomplish the integration:

Using any of the 2 plugins above you can integrate Wishlist Member with WooCommerce, however, the plugins are different from one another significantly, and offer different features and integration options.

Comparison Table

Here is the complete comparison of Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus and the Wishlist Member Integration plugin.

You can click on the “Info” link in every feature to navigate to thorough explanations and screenshots:

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Live Demo for Wishlist Registration Widget + 5% Discount

Live Demo for Wishlist Registration Widget + 5% Discount

After getting many requests we are happy to finally announce the new live demo website for Wishlist Registration Widget in now available!

A fresh new demo website will be automatically created for every user, so you can experiment with the plugin without having any distractions or changes in settings from other users.

If you decide to purchase the plugin, you will receive 5% discount (regardless of the version you decide to purchase – Basic / Pro  / Premium).

The discount code will be sent to you by mail after you register to try the demo.

The version installed in the demo website is the Premium version, which includes the features that are in the other 2 versions as well.

You will find the complete comparison between the version in the plugin’s manual (page 11).

Demo Website Links:

Useful Resources:


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