How to add Cart Option to Your MemberMouse Membership Site?

If you’re interested in adding a Cart option using WooCommerce and MemberMouse together, our team has developed a plugin that allows you to do just that.

MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus was developed to integrate MemberMouse and WooCommerce in a way that allows you to easily sell products that will give your users access to MemberMouse membership levels and bundles using the WooCommerce platform.

Quick Summary of What it Allows You to Achieve:

  • Provides an integration to link MemberMouse membership levels and/or bundles to WooCommerce products
  • Products created in WooCommerce and a new option is added to link it to a membership level or bundle.
  • Products are one-time purchase only. Subscriptions need a secondary plugin. (more on how to integrate subscription products below)
  • Uses WooCommerce to create a user in MemberMouse with the appropriate level or bundle
  • Uses WooCommerce Payment Settings
  • Allows you to add VAT / Tax option, which is highly important and cannot be achieved using MemberMouse alone

Registration Process using MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus:

  1. Customer shops through your Woo shop
  2. Customer adds the relevant products to one cart (including: physical, downloadable, virtual products and also membership levels and bundles)
  3. Customer proceeds to checkout and completes the payment
  4. Customer is added to the relevant membership level and bundles
  5. Customer is redirected to the Purchase Order Receipt (like in any WooCommerce purchase)

Visit MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus product page for more information about the integration and how it works

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