Wordpress Automatic Updates - Good or Bad?


One of the most interesting features that was introduce in WordPress 3.7 is the automatic version updates.

The idea behind this system is very simple and it’s to minimize the administration actions a user needs to preform in order to keep his website update all the time.

The automatic updates system works on all core elements WordPress including the core files, themes and plugins.

You can find a lot of posts over the internet in blogs and even the official WordPress.org blog regarding the WordPress Automatic updates system, but no one really asks him the real question does it really a good thing?

This article will not try to answer this question as the answer can be changed from website to another and even from user to another.

Only times will tell if the new feature has improved website security and stability? Or in some cases the same automatic updates system will be ruin and crash the website just because the new plugin version is not stable as the previous one that was installed.

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