Easy Digital Downloads – The Engine Behind our Online Store

Easy Digital Downloads - Selling Your Digital Products

As written in our previous post “Easy Digital Downloads – Selling Your Digital Products“, we are using the popular Easy Digital Downloads platform (also known as: EDD) for creating and managing our online store.

  • This post was last updated on January 10, 2016

As we are getting many emails from both clients and visitors who ask us what plugins we are using to manage different features and settings on the store, we have decided to write a complete post that reveals which EDD add-ons we are using.

We will update the post from time to time as we swap some of the add-ons and add new ones on a regular basis to keep our online store up-to-date with the most powerful and helpful features.

Here is the list of plugins we are currently using to manage our HappyPlugins online store:

Below the list you will find more information about each plugin, including usage and real screenshots from our store

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We Listen to Our Customers – Online Store News & One New (Tiny) Feature

We Listen to Our Customers - Online Store News & One New Feature

Like I wrote in previous posts the online store that we manage on HappyPlugins is one place for the products that we have developed in the past and all the new plugins that we develop all the time.

Almost all the products where available to purchase even before we have opened the store but because there located on difference websites it’s was very difficult for many customers to find all of them.

Also now because we are managing all the products in place we can offer discount and bundles that we would not offer before. For example did you know that if you are buying 3 products or more in purchase you will get 10% discount?

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