3 MemberMouse Plugins (Extensions) that will Increase Your Membership Site's Sales & Revenues

If you are using MemberMouse here are 3 plugins that will extend your membership site and increase your membership site’s sales and revenues…

Plugin #1 – MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus:

The plugin integrates MM & WOO and allows you to sell multiple types of products, including membership levels and bundles through WooCommerce

Also, you will benefit from all the features WooCommerce offers, including: automatic tax calculation, using any other Woo extension and more…

Visit MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus Product Page

Plugin #2 – MemberMouse 1-Click Registration

The plugin allows you to register / upgrade members in 1-click to any free membership level.

Free members that are much more easy to get than paid members.

Engaging free members and providing them with valuable content will tremendously increase the chances of them to becoming paid members in the future!

Visit MemberMouse 1-Click Registration Product Page

Plugin #3 – MemberMouse Registration Widget

The plugin allows you to add a visible eyeball catching registration form to attract a lot more members to register to your free membership level.

Again, free members are more likely to become paid members in the future…

Visit MemberMouse Registration Widget Product Page

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