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“How can I set my posts to be protected automatically, so everyone will have access to my content for limited time only and then only members will have access to it?”


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Video Script:

Using Wishlist Auto Protect Pro you can set posts and pages from unprotected to protected automatically after any number of days you want.

To do that just enter the relevant post, go to the Wishlist Auto Protect Meta box and define the relevant settings: enable the automatic protection, set the time or date of the change and the new protection settings.

To make sure all changes are exactly as you want to to be go to the Auto Protection Queue tab in the plugin’s settings.

Here you’ll find all the posts and pages, their current protection and the future protection settings.

You can also add a simple shortcode [ wlapp_time_until_change ] to the pages that will notify when the change will occur.

Go to Wishlist Auto Protect Pro product page for more information and videos


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