WordPress Halloween Security

Wordpress Halloween Secuirty


WordPress is very easy to use but sometimes it’s to easy. You can install a new WordPress plugin is just few seconds and even change your entire website design is just a few clicks.

But every ever wonder if the new plugin that you have just installed is a treat or a trick?

We have talked a lot on plugins security from the eye of the developers but in this special Halloween post we want to talk about your website security as an owner.

WordPress plugins are powerful and you can find many new plugins released every day into the WordPress plugin directory, but here is a fact that you probably don’t know about the WordPress plugin directory.

Anyone can submit a new plugin to the directory and no one really check it.

Now I know your would say that the WordPress team review every plugin but, the team only review the first plugin version that you send, and a plugin developer can upload a new version of the plugin and no one really is going to check it.

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