Live Demo for Wishlist Registration Widget + 5% Discount

Live Demo for Wishlist Registration Widget + 5% Discount

After getting many requests we are happy to finally announce the new live demo website for Wishlist Registration Widget in now available!

A fresh new demo website will be automatically created for every user, so you can experiment with the plugin without having any distractions or changes in settings from other users.

If you decide to purchase the plugin, you will receive 5% discount (regardless of the version you decide to purchase – Basic / Pro  / Premium).

The discount code will be sent to you by mail after you register to try the demo.

The version installed in the demo website is the Premium version, which includes the features that are in the other 2 versions as well.

You will find the complete comparison between the version in the plugin’s manual (page 11).

Demo Website Links:

Useful Resources:


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New Bundles for Our Top 3 Wishlist Member Registration Plugins (15% Discount)

We are happy to announce the release of 2 new bundles we created for our Wishlist Member registration plugins.

We created these bundles because the combination of these 3 registration plugins will help you get to the higher registration rates ever, guaranteed!

We are using the 3 of them in our own websites (here is an example) so we are telling you this from our own personal experience.

Bundle #1: Wishlist Registration Powerpack

Wishlist Registration Powerpack

Includes our top 3 registration plugins:

  • Wishlist Greeting Registration
  • Wishlist 1-Click Registration
  • Wishlist Registration Widget Premium Version

More about Wishlist Registration Powerpack

Bundle #2: Wishlist Registration Twinpack

Wishlist Registration Twinpack

Includes the first 2 plugins only – this is especially for customers who already purchased Wishlist Registration Widget in the past:

  • Wishlist Greeting Registration
  • Wishlist 1-Click Registration

More about Wishlist Registration Twinpack


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Wishlist Registration Widget – Got Even Smarter

Wishlist Registration Widget - Got Even Smarter

On April 2011 we have released the fist version of Wishlist Registration Widget it’s a very simple version that don’t include to much just a simple form with name and email.

There weren’t to many option to set and this version by itself was something that a lot of Wishlist Member user have wanted. It’s was very funny as the reason we developed it was because we needed a way to put a registration form inside the website side.

We wanted that every one could register to the free registration using one simple form without the need to transfer him to another page with a registration form.

After 3 years Wishlist Registration Widget is a lot more than the simple plugin that was developed, it has mnay more features and it’s available in 3 different versions (basic, pro, premium) all version are in a very attractive pricing so every wishlist member website owner will be able to use it on their website even if his budget is currently low.

Now Wishlist Registration Widget get a new addition and it’s getting even smarter.

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